Make 3 stiches from one

Can someone try to explain how to make three stitches from one? The instructions I have aren’t so good.


Well, the way I am most familiar is this (and it’s like knitting twice in one stitch, only you are knitting three times into one stitch):

  1. Insert your needle as if to knit, wrap the yarn around and make a knit stitch but DO NOT take the stitch off the needle.

  2. Then insert your needle, still holding the wrapped yarn as if to purl, wrap the yarn around but again DO NOT take the stitch off the needle.

  3. Then, insert your needle into the back of the stitch as if to knit, wrap then yarn around the needle and THEN finish it off by taking the stitch off the needle.

That is k1, p1, k1 into one stitch. It’s used in Aran knitting to make bobbles actually!

I hope that isn’t confusing!

Thank you for your reply; I’m not sure that is what I’m supposed to do.

Here are what my directions say:

knit into back then front of stitch; then insert left needle behind vertical strand running downwards from between the two stitches just made and knit into back of this strand.

I’m not sure which is the “vertical strand.” I’m also not sure whether this can be explained in words, but any help would be appreciated!!


Well I’ve tried this out on my spare yarn/needles here. This is what I did.

I knit into the back and front of the stitch then took the stitch off the needle.

Then, If you look at those two stitches very carefully, pulling them apart on the needle, you can see a strand of yarn running vertically. Stick your left needle into that strand and knit into the back of it.

It would be too tight to knit into the front of it, as you’ll see when you try it. The trick is to look closely at the two ‘made’ stitches.

If you are still having trouble I can take some pictures when I get home from work. Unless someone beats me to it in the meantime!

I followed your instructions and this is what I ended up with!!! Images below.

Wow, Salsa! That’s a great explanation, photo work, etc! I’m not sure how you do that, but would love a brief explanation! Are you using Adobe Photo or what?


Thank you both much for your help!! And the pictures are great!