Make 1 at end of row

I am relatively new to knitting, and just learned how to do a M1. My question is, the pattern I am using has a M1, K3, M1. How do you do an M1 at the end of a row?

Ok, this is what I read the other day because a pattern I’m following has me doing a M1 and the beginning and end of a row. I’m really hoping I did it correctly! HA!

Anyway, if I’m remembering correctly, to M1 at the end of a row, take your left needle and insert it, from front to back, into the strand of yarn [U]between[/U] the stitch you just knit, and, the very last stitch. Lift that strand onto your right needle and insert your left needle from front to back and knit the stitch.

To be on the safe side, you may want to wait for someone with more M1 experience to verify my post…lol

How many sts do you start with - 5? The M1 may be just an increase like kfb, not the M1 where you make a stitch between 2 sts.

I am starting with 3, and then this row has M1, k3, M1, so I should have 5 when I’m done.

Thanks, any and all help is appreciated.

I’d probably do a KFB, rather than trying an M1. In the long run, the difference isn’t that big of a deal anyway.