Majorly OT: Is there a GE Repair Person in the house?

Sorry for the unscheduled interruption, but we could use some help if there is anyone that repairs fridges for a living, please? Of course, this is happening 9 months after I had to cancel the maintenance agreement :frowning: isn’t it always the way??

For some reason, the fridge is tripping the ground fault plug we have in the kitchen, it does still work if I plug it in to a plug that doesn’t have that protection, but I am sure that is just asking for trouble (that I DO NOT need!! Who does??)

If anyone can help, it sure would be appreciated! We don’t have the $$ to call a repair man – but especially not for Sunday rates :shock: :shock: and my DH is extremely handy when he knows what to look for.

Thanks so much in advance if anyone can help. Please feel free to reply in private.

I’ve used

in the past to diagnose various appliance problems

I may be the furthest from a GE repairperson that you can get, but did he look to make sure it’s not the GFI that’s faulty?

Sounds like maybe too many appliances drawing current at the same time. Sometimes if I use the microwave while my dishwasher is running, I get the same thing. They just happen to be drawing current at the same moment. Try unplugging other appliances that may be using the same circuit at the same time.

Just asked my handy husband. He says the fridge isn’t properly grounded. You should get an inexpensive GFI circuit tester to test the outlet which can be found at Lowe’s or Home Depot or WalMart.

I had this problem and for me it was the “fuse” - actually the breaker now. I went to HDepo and got a new one (big enough amps) and replaced the old one. Nothing to it and took care of the problem. These do go bad after time and are not hard to replace. Just remember to turn off ALL the power when you do it! :shock: Trust me on that!

Thanks so much everyone! We still do not know what the problem is – but it’s spotlessly clean and cleaned out now due to having to move it to get to the back of the monster :slight_smile:

The outlet is functioning fine, darn it – wouldn’t that have been great?? (well, other than blowing out in about 8 hours after being reset) and there is (and never has been) anything else on that circut…so, I am hoping it’s the thermostat so we can replace that and still be able to get away without having to call a repair-type-person.

Thanks again to everyone for offering your suggestions. Just another reason to love it here so much!

Most likely not it…

But the one time we had a GFI breaker repeatedly tripping for no known reason, we discovered that it was the cell phone causing it. Yep… anytime my husband would come in and set his phone down near the breaker, it would trip!

Have a cell phone nearby?

Mama Bear