Major Accomplishment (at least for me)!

I am proud of myself! I finally did it!! You are probably wondering what is it that I have done, huh? Well I now know how to pick up the stitches for the gusset on my sock. I always had problems with this, I got soo frustrated that I would drive down to my LYS and have my friend do this for me. She kept telling me to calm down and I will eventually get it. She also told me to get my eyes checked because I was always squinting to see the stitches. I did get new glasses and it has helped a whole lot! I can now complete the entire sock process without any help (of course I tote Silver’s Sock tutorial around with me everywhere I go now, just to help guide me through the process). :thumbsup:

Now I have another dilemma. I have all this sock yarn and don’t know which one use next. Cookie of course has to be in the picture.

PS… Yes that is a Billy Bass in the background and that mallard duck is a phone that quacks! It isn’t mine, it belongs to my Dad!!!

Kudos for the newfound sock power :notworthy: aren’t they just amazing?

As for the sock yarns… coughgivesometomechough Nah, I’m (kinda) kidding. There’s a really pretty magenta-purple yarn that’s absolutely lovely, that’s where I place my vote :thumbsup:

Awww gorgeous kitty! :heart: And lovely yarn too (not that I know much about yarn :oops: ) I think I like the purple one too.

And I thought I had gone sock crazy. :teehee:

There are plenty of us around if you feel you just aren’t up to knitting up all that yarn! :wink:

Congrats on your accomplishment! :cheering:

isn’t it fun to learn something new and “get it”? Good job! love the psychokitty… mkz

I have a black and white cat named Cookie too! How bout that yarn that kitty is sitting right behind? That’s purty. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! It feels great. :cheering:

The sock yarn everyone likes so far is from Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Socks that Rock. I bought it last year at Black Sheep Gathering in June. I was thinking of starting that next or the Regia Bamboo yarn or I could go and find some more (evil laugh).

I also got some KP double points and I like them. I do notice that I am trying to knit tighter with them though.

:DROOL: wow, that is some great sock yarn!! I vote for the blue & white one closest to the duck. :slight_smile:

CONGRATS to you! :slight_smile: I haven’t been brave enough to try socks yet, but then I’ve only been knitting (again) for a couple of months, so I haven’t really had a free needle yet. And I have about 5 projects on my list… LOL


Congratulations!!! :notworthy: I’m trying my first solo(after taking the class)sock. Not sure if I get it yet, but this is the year of the sock for me! I love them…I’m hooked, lol. :yay: