Maine for a vacation this summer?

HI! Anybody up in Maine or been there lately during the summer?
We went many years ago (around Kennebunk) and it was so CROWDED we left and headed on up to Quebec. But, I’m so wanting to go hang out at some lobster shacks and eat lobster and clams and smell sea air.

Just wondering if anyone’s been there recently…

My boss just returned from there and said the mosquitoes this year were terrible.

My hubby and I went to Bar Harbor this June before the season officially opened. The highlight of our trip was a beer brewery tour and tasting at Atlantic Coast brewing and LLBean in Freeport. Other than that Hurricane Barry socked us in with fog and rain so none of the activities we booked were running and we got food poisoning…:ick:

I have a coworker who loves Maine and he is and wife try to get there every year to hike and kayak. There are tons or outlets in Freeport if you like shopping and Bar Harbor has lots of outdoor activities if you get nice weather. You can always take the ferry to Nova Scotia or Newfoundland. I plan to return when I forget about the food poisoning.

Depending on where you are travelling there from we stopped in Gloucester, Mass for a whale watch and staying in a B&B on the coast in Rockport, Mass. There is also Boston and all the historical places surrounding.

Overall I love New England.

I live in Maine and the bugs are crazy this year but nothing a little bugs spray can’t take care of,I am about 30 minutes from Portland which is where I grew up and I love it there down town Portland has a lot of shopping and good food to offer and a tour called the Super Duck tour where the vehicle actually goes on land and water,there is also a ferry that goes to Peaks Island where there is reggae bands on the weekends .

I’ll be visiting in 2 weeks for the first time. So far I’ve got tentative plans for the lobster festival, sailing, visiting an alpaca farm and Acadia NP, so if anyone has tips or recomendations, please post!

I can give a report when I return if you’re still interested?

THANKS EVERYBODY for the tips!

(so sorry you got food poisoning VAknitter, what a bother)

Yeah, I love New England too. I lived in Boston for a few months and I know Rockport, what a pretty place.
I love New Englanders too, they’re special.

Well, the bugs, ick, that sounds bad. I’m in upstate New York and there’s like one mosquito in my garden once in a while. Don’t know why but it’s great.

Debb, yeah let’s hear an update. Have fun. Ohhh I’d love to see a whale! (mostly I just wanted to go to eat loads of lobster at the roadside places yum yum)