Magknits' Blossom Pattern

Well, it took a bit but I finally finished it. Well-deserved thanks to all those here who helped with all my newbie knitter questions!

I knit this with the wrong size yarn, sport rather than DK. I’m not sure how, but it ended up being waaay longer than the pattern calls for, 17 1/2 inches instead of 13. Hmm. Since it’s adjustable width-wise, I figure it’ll be ok.

I really want to know how I managed that since the error was consistent for each part of the garment.

It was made with Knitpicks shine sport on the needles called for, size 6 and 4. I must say, I enjoyed knitting with it so much I find it will be hard to go back to the other project I paused using plain ol’ Sugar n’ cream yarn. Shine is on sale this week and that is a ginormous temptation for me!

You did a wonderful job!
The only thing that I can think of is that your row gauge was different than that specified by the pattern.

It looks beautiful–good job!

err…true confession: i didn’t do a gauge swatch.

how does needle size affect one direction and not the other?

I love it! As well as your modern blanket. Do you have a pattern or did you just decide as you go?


Longer tops are coming back into style anyway. Very nice!

Thanks for the kind comments.

Pixywhispers, I got the pattern for the blanket from the book Mason-Dixon knitting. It’s pretty straightforward and you can also view the pattern at if you look up the book. It’s one of the sample pages they show. This is a good thing because I lent the book out before I was done and found I needed it! LOL.

Anyways, I will want to look up how the length/width get changed as far as gauge. Because if you’re right with width and not length, how do you fix that?

You can’t really fix your gage if it is right for width and not height. YOu just have to hope the pattern specifies inch measurements in addition to number of rows. Then you knit to the inch requirements instead of rows. The only other thing you can do is make a few mathematical calculations and adjust how many rows you knit for each section.

It looks great!!! It might be longer than you thought it woul dbe because shine is a heavier cotton and it just weighed down. :shrug: I still love it though… be proud!!!


[size=2]and start making swatches!!! [/i][/size]:fingerwag:

What a great top! I think that has to go on my list now.

I just went to look at the pattern.:roflhard: It’s a baby dress??? :doh: Obviously I thought it was a top! Maybe I’ll have to work on adapting that idea. Anyway, still very cute!

Hildegard, I’m guessing that some of it is the heaviness of the cotton, but I’m beginning to think I didn’t understand the instructions for increases. If I make something else to wear and it ends up long, I’ll know that’s the reason. :wink:

Kemp, that’s funny. I looked at it again and I can see why you thought it was a top. No frame of reference for size!

That is really nice. :cheering: I love knits picks too, their yarn is so great!

It looks great.

Have you washed it yet? Cotton often shrinks up length wise. I just finished a child’s cotton top and made it extra long because I knew it would draw up. After washing it was just the right length.

Mama Bear

Very cute!!!