Magic Stripes Sock FO

Had the class SSS :blush: ! Then Hildie’s YOTS came along and I had to have one of my Size 3 needles that was deeply involved with these socks! :wink: So now these are finished and my cardigan is on its way!

Those are pretty! Love the color!

Very nice!! I just did a pair for my DD with magic stripes using the purple.

Very nice!



Beautiful!! I :heart: sock knitting!

The socks are beautiful! I used the same yarn for my first pair of socks - I love watching how sock yarn works up - its amazing to me!

I love how the self-striping yarn knits up! Magic Stripes is a little scratchy though… My next pair of socks I’m going to make isthis. The Essential yarn is so much softer!

Nice job :thumbsup:

Nice looking socks! Great job! :inlove:

Fantastic! :thumbsup:

Looks great…hate the dreaded SSS!