Magic Loop

How do I work in the Magic Loop on size 11 circular needles when knitting a cable stitch slouchy cap?

It’s the same method, but you may need a longer cable than usual to accommodate bulky yarn. I prefer a 40 for hats with size 7-8 needles with worsted weight. Have you tried it yet? If so what was the problem?

No, I haven’t tried it yet but for the ribbing I’m using size 8 circular needles and will go to size 11 for the body of the hat. I’ve knitted since 1971 and haven’t ever tried knitting in the round, Magic Loop, etc. since I’ve never knitted socks or hats that require 4 dpn or Magic Loop. I’ve always knitted with two straight needles.

Thank you for your help!

You didn’t mention cable length and that’s where magic loop comes in. You can do a single loop with a slightly shorter cable if necessary. I prefer the basic two loop method and a longer cable myself.

ok, watched the video, decided to try it, definitely have it down pat, 20 sts by 5 FEET of tube later, I am trying to justify russian joining more yarn onto this yarn so I can keep going, and this is just a practice swatch, I am hooked.

Paula, if it’s a tube you can just join the yarn and tie them off then leave inside the tube. Magic Loop is all I use for hats and sleeves. The only time I break out the DPN is when it’s very small like on a small toy.

I know, the problem is I ran out of my “waste” yarn that I was using to practice with, and now I want to add good yarn to it and keep going, if I let myself, I would knit a football field of this. We don’t want that, so I am trying to think of a purpose for five + feet of tube???

A sweater for a snake??? LOL!

A long skinny scarf? I find it amusing you ran out of waste yarn…dear god, I’ve got tons of it! :teehee:

so do I, about seven balls of different leftovers from projects, and I used all of it, I just am having a hard time with the idea of joining good yarn to it, that is the part I am valiantly fighting!

Don’t like a sweater for a snake? Stuff it! It can be the snake. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how long your tube is, but maybe you could use your remaining yarn (without adding any new yarn) to thread through the loops on your needles and draw the end closed. Then stuff the tube with beans or batting (or both), close the other end, and use it for a draft stopper in front of a door or window.

Then if you’re still hung up on knitting a tube, why not do one of the Dr. Who scarves? That should keep you going round and round for a long long LONG time.

Ha!Ha! If you go to Ravelry and go to “loose ends,” then search Snake Sweater you will see the real thing!

Check it out! My son showed me how to insert the image. Isn’t it cute!

That’s awesome, Jinxknit!

Hey, Paula! How about stopping now and stuffing it along with something heavy, like rice, and using it as a draft guard for the bottom of a door or window?!

The size 8 circular needles are 29" and the size 11’s are 40". I watched the Magic Loop video and also printed out a copy for myself. The video showed me how to do the Magic Loop with one pair of circular needles and looked pretty easy.

Thank you SO much for your help.


Yep, magic loop is always done with only one pair of circs. There is a method to knit with two circs, but it’s not called magic loop.

Glad you figured it out!

I will admit, that when I am knitting caps I usually use a 16" circular until forced to switch to DPNs. I find it’s really just faster that way, but your mileage may vary.

Ha! That was my suggestion, too, just a few posts up! :thumbsup: