Magic loop

Hi there I’m new to circular knitting as I’ve just purchased circular knitting needles and cables. I was wanting to learn the magic loop as of wanting knitting a hat on my Circular needles. What size cable is best for magic loop. Please

Welcome to KH. The minimum recommended for magic loop is, as I recall, 32"/80 cm. approx. - that’s what the converter told me for metric. I usually prefer a longer needle but it’s up to you. Just be sure the cable is long enough that you can loop it easily and get the just finished stitches (usually that will be the back needle) close to the tip you’ll be knitting from. If you have more questions be sure to ask.

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I would recommend the largest set of needles you can get for Magic Loop. I use 47" needles. Then you don’t risk having needles that are too short & interfere with the Magic Loop. Plus you can knit a blanket on 47" needles! And here is my favorite Improved Magic Loop Technique by Phrancko . This technique will ensure that there are ZERO gaps in your work!!