Magic Loop with a lace pattern

Hello, I am getting ready to start the sleeves of this pattern:
I don’t want to use DPs as I know I will be frustrated with keeping the KnitPicks Luminance silk fingering on the needles. Will I have issues with pulling stitches too tight and skewing the pattern? Any hints for using them effectively? Or any suggestions as to other methods?


Lovely, delicate top.
On the dpns, a grabbier needle, bamboo or wood will work better than metal for this fine yarn.
Magic loop should be work too. Have you tried it before? I’ve never had it skew a project. I only tighten up very slightly when I switch needles. @Jan_in_CA has lots more experience with ML than I, however.
You could also use two circular needles if you have a second one.

Magic loop should work great IMO. After an inch or so take a good look at your work and see if you are unhappy with it. You might need to adjust how much or how little you tighten the first stitch on the needle but it should be just fine. I rarely use dpn for working in the round, get frustrated quickly with retrieving dropped needles.

Thanks, salmonmac and GrumpyGramma! I will try the magic loop and see how it goes!

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