Magic loop: toe up or top down

I want to start two socks at the same time using the magic loop method. I have been researching this method and what i have found is toe up way to do the socks. Is there a way to do the leg first using magic loop or just the toe up way? Or am i really slow? I am not good at dpn’s at all. Just need to start some Christmas gifts. thanks

yes! in fact there is a new book by Melissa Morgan-Oakes–2 at a time Socks…(story publishing) that has very detail directions on how to work socks 2 at time magic loop method (cuff down)

there are other ways to do this-(i basically did the same thing, only i end up with 2 on 2 circ’s…)

as with all 2 sock at time methods–the first round is the hardest… after that… its quite easy.

Is there a video clip actually showing doing two socks at the same time on here ? I know there is one, but that one only shows the how to’s of knitting on circulars, same with the magic loop video. I am a beginner and I need to see someone actually knitting the topic in question ,then I understand it better. That sounds silly I know.

I love magic loop, and I love top-down socks. The cuff is easy in magic loop. I always screw up the gusset though. So I use magic loop for the cuff, DPNs for the heel & gusset, then magic loop for the foot. If there’s a book that shows top-down magic loop I am so buying it :slight_smile:

SBG–i think the [B]2-at-a-time socks[/B] book by Ms Morgan-Oakes is excellent… she take about 20 pages
(mostly very clear easy to follow photos–and just a handful of text!) to explain her method–(truthfully i use another method–(easier? harder? well slightly different!) but her method is excellent, and her instructions, well thought out, and well illustrated.

I think that if I were to teach 2 at a time socks on magic loop, i would use /require the purchase of this book!–it has the best directions i have every seen–(and i am picky, and sometimes overly critical!)

It list for $16.95–and i have seen it at chain stores (micheals? no i think it was ACMoore) and you can frequently find 20%/40%/50% coupons for these chain stores --(bringing the price below $15 or even below $10!)

and there are some nice patterns in the book too, (again, i tend to knit my own patterns… but she has some nice designs)

Awesome-thanks! I’m gonna check Amazon too :slight_smile:

I am currently making a top-down pair this way and it is going quite well. I have done one sock at a time ,this is my first time to make them together. I did a Google search for “two socks/magic loop” and found multiple sites,some of them have tutorials or videos. Good Luck!

This book is currently on sale at KnitPicks for 40% off.

I got this answer from someone who heard my cries. lol It is really awesome with photos and technique I understood. Go look for yourself. Hope it helps.
And it is guy thats knitting. He rocks.

Melissa Morgan-Oakes is on and has said that she is going to be bringing out a new book in 2010 ,all on toe up patterns.