Magic loop socks

well in knitchat i descoived that u dont need to use dpn!! yay they look hard but i can do magic loop so please if u have any patterns for sock that u think are a easy for my first try and b can be changed to magic loop could u post them up for me? lol i al ways said id never do socks now i realy want to.

i taught myself magic loop socks, but not until after i had already made a pair with dpn’s. i think you need to have a basic understanding of the intersections of each dpn to be able to make magic loop work for socks. i could be wrong.

i have no idea how to tell you how to do magic loop socks. maybe do a search of the 'net?

I’ve never finished socks, but I’ve got some on magic loop now. I could be confused, but my understanding is that you can do any sock pattern on a circ–you’ll just need to use stitch markers. :shrug:

I love the magic loop socks!! I now have made about 10 pairs! I have done this 2 ways, one with a size 1, 32" and CO 64 stitches, divide them into 32 on each side. Do your ribbing, k1, p1 or how you would like your ribbing to be…then do the heel, gusset and the rest…I personally do short row heels, they look so nice. If you would like a link to those instructions, just let me know. The other way is to CO 48 stitches, divide them with 24 on each side…etc. depends on what weight yarn you use. I don’t know of one pattern but I agree, that any sock can be done on the magic loop!! Have fun!! ak katz

You can try this! Silver’s sock class are wounderful either to use magic loop or dpn. Enjoy!!!:mrgreen:

Dear Ones,

I get the cast on for 2 at a time toe-up magic loop but can someone explain how to cast on for 2 at a time cuff down socks on ML? Can it even be done? I have all these lovely sock patterns I would like to try but they are all written cuff down.

I would love to cast on for a sock project but I know if I make one sock at a time I will only have one sock when I am done. I make my sleeves 2 at a time for the same reason. :shrug:

Also, is there an easy way to translate a pattern from cuff down to toe up or do I need to use patterns that are written specifically for toe up or cuff down? I am admittedly a sock neophyte and have only made simple socks.

Susan (who is hoping to get bitten by the sock bug as long as she doesn’t have to make one sock at a time!)

cuff down might work better 2 at a time, if you use 2 circs instead of ML. just my 2 cents.

i got some dpn i just have to do it the normal way … wish me luck.

thisshows you how to do magic loop, hope that helps.

Do Silvers MLP I loved her toe up two at once using this method!

Here’s a quick article that tells how to do [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]two socks at a time on magic loop, top down. [/FONT][/COLOR]