Magic Loop Socks question (needle length)

I’m anxious to try the Magic Loop sock method, but will first have to order the circular needles (addis). I read somewhere that you shouldn’t go shorter than 47" length. I understand that’s the minimum length recommended, but does it hurt to buy them longer? Since I’ve never made them, I don’t know if an extra length (like say, maybe 60") would work as well? :??

I am now doing my first pair of socks on one circular - toe up if that matters - and I bought a 32" size 0 Addi for them. It has been working ok for me and I am about halfway up the foot of the socks now. It definitely wouldn’t work with needles that didn’t have as flexible of a cord though.
Just my 2 cents about what I’m doing.

I’ve done it on 32" circ but a 40" is soooooo much better. In my opinion, 40" is ideal for socks. And definitely Addis for magic loop, nothing else really compares.

Okay, but if the length is even longer, will that matter? :??

The last time I was in the yarn shop nearest me, they had Addis in stock in the size needle I wanted (5), but their stock was quite depleted, and they had only 60" length available. I almost bought them, but wasn’t sure if that extra length would hurt.

It wouldn’t hurt, but I think it would be very annoying to have all that cord to pull through and have hanging around.

Okay, I see. Thanks! :smiley:

The extra length is fine, but it is a bit annoying. The 60" is the longest Addi, right? If so, I have one of them, a size 8 that I have used for magic loop but it is A LOT of cord. You don’t necessarily have to pull it all through everytime because of how magic loop works, but the extra cord sure does get in the way. If you get 47" length it would work perfectly fine.

Okay, thanks for the help, ladies. :smiley:

I was sort of regretting not going ahead and buying them at the yarn shop where I’d have had to go with the 60", but it sounds like I made the right decision by not getting them.

Now, to find that guy on eBay with the Addis… :thinking:

Here’s the eBay link:

Have fun shopping!!! :smiley:

Thank you!!! :mrgreen: