Magic Loop question

I have been putting off learning magic loop but I am getting ready knit some fiber trend clogs. I will be getting the options size thirteen and I have the 24" cable but it says I will need a 16" cable when I am decreasing. Now I would have bought a fixed set from KP but they don’t have a size 13. I really don’t want to have to go to the lys for this as I know it will cost a bomb for the 13’s. So my question is when I get to the point that I will need smaller cable can I just use the magic loop? Isi it possible to do this midstream? What size cable do I need? Would I be better of getting two sets of 13 tips? How hard is it to figure out magic loop anyway? I figure it can’t be too bad if there is a video. The videos here have taught me everything else.

I don’t remember changing needles for the clogs. :?? Maybe the newer version has you change, but it wasn’t necessary for the adult version.

They can be knit flat, too, with only a few stitches up the back to seam.

I’m sure you could use magic loop, though. The longer the cord, the better.

I may try it using just the one but will have a longer cable on hand just in case. Heaven know I don’t want to do it flat. I have a wallaby that is done except for the Kitchener on the top of the hood and underarms, it has been that way for a week. Hope I convince myself to do it before he grows out of it! My last adventure in kitchener was painful. Hopefully practice makes perfect.