Magic Loop: Only for socks?

I am getting paid this week and have decided to add to my inventory of needles. After much consideration, I have decided to go with the Knit Picks Options circular set. However, since the smallest cord in the set is about four inches longer than any cord I have seen called for with a hat, my question is whether or not you can knit a hat using the magic loop technique, or if it is just for small objects such as socks? :??

I want to know if this set will do, using magic loop, or if I will have to buy a seperate pair of circulars in a smaller length?

Sorry if I am not making much sense, I am pretty tired and probably should have waited until tomorrow to type this but I am just to eager to order and receive the circulars so I can use them!! :happydance:

Oh no, you can use it for hats, sleeves, bags… anything in the round with a small diameter.


My first “in the round” project was a hat on a magic loop. I figured a hat is easier for a first project than socks. I don’t think I’ll ever knit in the round any other way than with magic loop!

A longer cable offers more flexibility, so I would definitely include one of the 40" or 47" cable sets with your order.

Yay! I am so excited. Now I can go ahead and order my stuff. I was going to get the 60" cable with it? Is that too big?

If you’re ordering the other sizes, I would go ahead and order the 60" too. You never know when you’ll need it, and it isn’t that expensive. :wink: