Magic loop method

I’ve got a few questions on MAGIC LOOP method.
I have this GREAT raglan sweater pattern that calls for 29in size 8 circulars.
I cast on 64 stitches and am supposed to join the round, but my circular needle is too long to join the round, and I am wondering if I’m supposed to use magic loop.
ALSO, if one does use Magic Loop, how do you place markers at certain stitch points? :??

64 stitches can’t fit around a 29" circular, and if a pattern called for magic loop, they’d tell you, I imagine.

Are you sure you’re not supposed to use a smaller needle to start? Or knit back and forth? Is there a link to the pattern?

Is 64 sts a cast on for the back only? Or is it a child’s pattern, in which case you’ll need 24" or you can use Magic loop or a side loop method to shorten it up.


I’m attaching the link to the pattern here.
I emailed the girl who wrote the pattern and she told me everything is done on a 40 inch circular needle…which DEFINATELY wouldn’t work for the first 64 stitches in the pattern. That is to form the collar. Here is the link and the sweater I am attempting is THE VANILLE.
Thanks Ingrid!

I must be blind because I just don’t see anything about needle size other than the gauge. :??

:shrug: Me either, except that it’s a #8. If she did the whole thing on a 40" needle, she’d definitely have had to do magic loop (or something else I don’t know about). You could use DPNs, though, if you’re more comfortable with that.

I’d say a 40" needle would work for magic loop, but if you have a 29, maybe you could use another and do two circs, instead.

I think it’s just at the beginning of the pattern that you’d need to use magic loops or dpns. You increase stitches really quickly on a top down raglan that it wouldn’t be long before the stitches will fit normally around a 29" circular needle and you can just knit in the round.

I think I might try using DPN for the beginning and then once the increase starts getting intense, I’ll swap over to the 29 in. cirular needle and knit in the round.

As for her pattern, I got very confused at first when I read it as well because I thought she was talking about size 8 straight needles. Nowhere does she indicate circular needles, but when I emailed her, she told me the entire thing was knitted in the round and that she uses magic loop for almost all of her designs and 40 in long circulars.
I’m going to make my great attempt today and I will post photos as I go along!
Thanks to you all who took at look at my dilemma! I didn’t think of DPN until someone mentioned it! Best wishes to you all and thanks again!!! :hug:

Well everyone, I decided to go ahead and start this sweater.
What I chose to do was begin those 64 stitches on a size 8 16 inch circular. I have completes the collar and am moving on to the increase.

Since I am no expert at this yet, and since I haven’t really worked on circulars for anything larger than a hat,
How do I go about changing to the larger circular during the increase? Would I do this just the same as on straights? Or do I remove the needles completely, put everything on stitch holders and put everything manually onto the larger circular?

I looked at another one of her pattern - The Purple Sweater - and she says she uses Magic Loop for all her circular sweaters and uses a 40" - 47" needle most of the time. Then she continues, “You can use two circulars at a time, or a single 24” circular would be perfect for the body. You will want to switch to DNPs for the sleeves."

So I’d say use whatever works best for you, but she’s using Magic Loop even if the pattern doesn’t say so.


You don’t have to go to all that work, whether you’re working on straights, dpns or circs. Just start knitting with the other needle.


As far as changing to the new needle, when you get to the beginning of the round just use the new needle to knit onto instead of the other end of the circ you were using. When you’ve finished the round all the stitches will be on the new needle.

Have fun! :cheering:


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I don’t understand why she would use magic loop for an adult sweater :shrug: . Wouldn’t using a circular in the usual manner be a lot easier? You just keep going around and around, whereas with magic loop you have to ‘switch’ needles every half round. Doesn’t make sense to me. :shrug:

Only because her needle’s too big for the number of stitches she starts out with. If she had fewer stitches or a shorter circular needle, it would just be circular knitting as usual. :slight_smile:

WELL, I’ve plunged into it head first tonight!
I decided to start working it on a 16 in. size 8 circular and knit in the round, then when I get to the point where I can’t anymore, I’ll be switching to a 29in. size 8 circular. I think I understand it now. I am still a bit of a novice here and the only thing I’ve every tried Magic Loop with are little baby booties and stuff…
Anyhow, with all of your help, I’ve been able to get moving on it. Here’s an attachment of where I’m at so far. You are looking at the increase where the shoulder is and the collar is down near the palm of my hand.

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But of course! :cheering:



It’s looking great so far!! :cheering: :cheering: