Magic Loop Improved (Traveling ML)

I have recently began using this method and love it. The first time I tried this method I made a hat and was sold on the idea. There is no dividing stitches at all. One can just knit in the round and then when you are done one row you just pull the right needle out of the knitting and slide them all the way to the left needle and begin again. Sometimes I move the stitches off the right needle when it starts to fill but it still does not really disrupt the flow.

If you are knitting a sweater in the round you can use this method as well so that you don’t have to put the knitting on scrap yarn to try it on. Just use a longer cable and knit the traveling magic loop method. I finished my last tank using this method on the neck and it was a breeze to try on.

Has anyone else been using this method?

Sure. This is a variation on magic loop that’s very helpful:

I’m glad that it worked so well for your latest project.

Yes, I’ve used it for a long time. I don’t know that it’s an ‘improved’ version, though it’s an alternate that’s easier to do. I recommend it especially when you don’t have enough sts or the needle is too short for ML, or if you have a stiff cord.

I do that too. Whatever works!

I do that if I have to, but prefer a longer cable. I use a 32" for socks, 40" for a hat.

I do all my hats with traveling loop and switch to magic loop for the decreases on top. I use a 32, but that’s because it was the longest cable that came with my interchangeable set. I, too, prefer the 40 and will eventually buy one.