Magic loop hat problem: wrong side?

I’m knitting a hat using sock yarn on magic loop needles. I finished the K2P2 ribbing and am starting the “easy” part of just knitting all the way to the top. I knit two rows, but the outside of the hat shows the purls … am I somehow knitting on the wrong side? Do I need to purl every row now to show the knit side out? How did I do that?

I just watched a video on magic loop knitting, and I think I’m doing it wrong. I always have the working yarn on the needle closest to me, and pull that needle out of the work in progress, not the other way around. I think I’m knitting backwards. I’m already 2 inches into this hat (with sock yarn!) and I would like to be able to make it work somehow … any suggestions?

You are knitting on the inside or i side of the tube. The loop of knitting should be away from you so you are working the needles close to you. You’ll be working on the outside of the loop of knitting. You can see how to hold it in the still picture 3rd down.

You might be able to flip it “inside out” so you are working it correctly.

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Hmmm … inside out doesn’t really work because the working yarn is still on the wrong needle. I hope I don’t have to undo all of this. Or can I just purl my way to the end and turn it inside out when it’s done?
thanks for your help, this is very distressing.

Try flipping the tube inside out and the working yarn should be on the R hand needle. Are you purling instead of knitting though?

No, I was knitting but I guess since I was working the wrong side, all of the purls are on the outside of the work. I have no idea how I managed to mess this up like this!

I think I have it now, I flipped it inside out and am continuing to knit and it looks OK.

Next time I start a hat I’d better watch the video again before I cast on!

You can just finish it with the purls on the outside, sometimes people do it that way on purpose. The knitting sometimes flops inside and out when it’s not very long, so it’s not a critical problem if it does.

that’s a relief! I would hate to have to frog it now. thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. It’s nice that I find new and creative ways of messing up my knitting. Thanks again.:slight_smile:

Sure, what Sue said is an option, but now you know how not to do that, too. :slight_smile:

Another thing I’d like to add. The videos never show or explain this. When I first started knitting in the round magic loop, I always got an extra stitch or yarn over at the end of my work. I couldn’t figure this out for the longest time. I thought I had to position the working yarn behind both needles like you do when you’re straight knitting. The working yarn will actually come from inside the tube. I always have to look at where the working yarn is when I switch needles. If the yarn is positioned BETWEEN the two needles, then I know I’m doing it right.

wow, thanks! that only happens to me occasionally and I knew it must have something to do with how I held the yarn but I didn’t know exactly what I was doing and when. that explains it! Now I have a rule to live by and I’ll try to remember it. Some patterns it hasn’t really mattered until I try to decrease but on this pattern I was doing some ribbing and it became obvious fairly soon.

Thanks so much for the advice … I should probably only ever knit while sitting with a group of expert knitters so I can learn these things as I go!

I learned so much by reading the forums! I’m still learning! :thumbsup:

Me too. I’ve been knitting over 45 years and every week I learn something new.

Well, if Amy ever decides to do another magic loop video, I think she should include where to place your yarn when you change needles. I watched all kind of how to videos on knitting sites and on Youtube. I didn’t find a single one that explained that. I had to muddle through and figure that one out myself.

Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any printed magic loop instructions in knitting books that explain where to put your yarn every time you switch needles.

I know — it’s one of those little things where they assume you know that, or it’s such a strong habit it’s hard to remember to put it in instructions. there always seems to be one tiny little part where I go “wait … what?” :slight_smile:

Why should the yarn placement change? Mine is behind the sts and pick it up with my right hand (I knit english) to work the next stitches.

I didn’t run mine through the tube either. I did find myself untangling after switching at times but it wasn’t an issue.