Magic loop gap

When I do half-magic loop (travelling loop), I get a big gap at the end of the round. The last/first stitch stretches out, even when I’m really careful pulling the needle through to start the next round.

Any suggestions?

That’s one reason I prefer a longer cable. I never use less than 32". Right now I’m doing a sleeve on a 40" and it works just fine with no gaps.

I’m not sure how to fix it or stop it on modified ml. Sue is better at this so I’m sure she’ll have some ideas.

I’m using a 32". I have a 32" and a 24". I read somewhere that you could do most things with a 24", but I’m wishing I’d bought bigger than 32".

What are you making that you can’t do regular magic loop then? The loops will be small, but it should work on a small project.

So what I do is I hold the “joins” or loop ends kind of in my fingers while I knit. Like my little and ring fingers hold on to keep it from opening. I didn’t plan that it just is the way I knit with them and I never get gaps. I’ll get DH to take a photo in a little while if you need it.

Its only a hat. I dont like regular magic loop, too much backwards and forwards with the needle and cables. Half magic loop I only have to pull the needle & cable through at the end of the round.

Maybe its because on a 20" hat, two 5" needles will tend to stretch it out. I do have some shorter ones, I’ll try swapping.

But if your DH can indulge me with a photo of your yarn/gap holding trick, that might help. Thanks Jan.

Since you don’t like regular magic loop I’m not sure how I hold the needles will make much difference since it’s kind of a different technique. :shrug:

Longer cables do require more slipping the stitches, but I don’t mind that since I’m getting a fabric I like. With modified ml you’ll get a bit more slipping of stitches on the cable as well if you use a longer cable I would think.

I even make preemie hats with ML so I think it’s the cable length not the needle length.

I do hats on a 24" circ, but there’s a trick for any loop knitting to prevent ladders - move the loop so it’s not between the same two sts all the time. Instead of knitting all the sts off the L needle, I stop a few before the end and loop the R needle. This way you’re not stretching out the sts between the loop because they rotate every round.

I do like Suzee said if I’m doing one loop.

Or, since you said you have 2 needles, why not try using both. Put half the stitches on one needle, the other half on the 2nd. You always keep each group of stitches on that same needle.

But even using 2 needles you can get ladders. You can rotate the sts on them too so the needles don’t don’t always begin and end on the same 2 sts.