Magic loop for a hat

I am attempting to knit a hat using the magic loop method and am wondering what size cable to use. The hat is for an adult woman, I’m thinking about 23-24in in diameter. I have the knitpicks options 24" and 32" cables already.

I tired to do a hat with the 24" cable and I couldn’t get it to work. I would think the 32 would work, but my 32 cables were in use so went back and dug out my old 16 inch fixed cable needle.

32 if you want regular magic loop, 24 if you want modified magic loop.

I knit hats with a 24" but I have to use the single loop version of ML to start. When I increase after the ribbing, there’s usually enough sts to fit comfortably. If the head is 23" you need to knit it 21 or 22" around or it’ll be way too loose.

Would it be easier if I had a longer cable? Or is 32 the usual size for a magic loop hat?

A 32" should work okay, if not, try the single loop variation, which will work with a 24 or 29" circ.