Magic Loop 2 x 2 ribbing

I have been knitting a hat using magic loop and cast on 56 stitches, dividing 28 sts on each needle. I began k2, p2 rib on the first needle. When finished and turned to begin the last half, I started with a k2, p2 and realized that when the round is complete that on each side I had 4 knit stitches! My question is, should I start the 2nd part of the round with p2, k2? I have been tearing this out a lot and think I tried that and then got 4 purls on 2 sides. Help!

When knitting with 56 stitches in the round, do repeat 7 times k2p2, do the magic loop thing, and again repeat 7 times k2p2.

That is what I did, beginning with k2,p2 on first half of the round and then k2,p2 on the second half but I end up with a k4 on each side of the finished work. I am attaching 2 photos that show the sides.

Thank you for the quick response.

Count your stitches again. K2,p2 over 28 sts should end with two purls: stitches 27 & 28. Since you are ending in 2 knits you must have the wrong count on each side. Such as 30 and 26 maybe.

If one side ends in k2 then the next side should begin with the p2.

The round should also end with the p2.

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Thank you! I cast 56 sts back on and seperated 28 and 28 to do the magic loop method. And, you were right! I must have miscounted as I ended with P2 and started the 2nd half with K2. So, it all came out right. I am so glad that I found this site and for the quick responses. Thank again!

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I get confused sometimes so I write out the entire round on paper first. And the 2 needles don’t always need the same number of stitches. I prefer to have each needle begin with knits rather than purls, so they’re a little uneven. It doesn’t matter.

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I think part of your problem is that you separated the stitches on two needles!! That’s not how it works. The stitches are all continuous — all 56 of them are one after the other. There is no ‘beginning’ and no ‘end’. They are all in a circle!!

I know — you think you want to divide them up on two sides, but that is wrong thinking. You should think of it all as a continuous circle… and knit that way! What I mean is that when you come to the “end” of one needle with a K2, the next stitches (in the continuous circle) would be a P2… so that is how you start on the other side. It doesn’t matter (to me) how many stitches there are on one needle, I will still knit them all as a continuous circle, K2 following a P2, and repeat!! There is no beginning and no end.

This is just a trick of thinking and working with the stitches. I often have uneven numbers of stitches on “each needle” and it doesn’t bother me… because I KNOW it is a continuous circle, and I just keep repeating the pattern all the way around! Small thing, but will help you tremendously from now on.

Thank you for the tip. I am almost done with the hat that I am knitting and now can visualize going in a circle. Works much better. Again, thank you.

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