Magazine/webzine reviews/recommendations

Print magazines are hurting and have been for a while. It’s been probably ten years since I bothered buying a knitting magazine. Ravelry is where most people go these days, isn’t it? It’s basically a crowdsourced massive pattern book with user reviews and notes, so the only thing magazines still have an edge on is essays about knitting, not the actual patterns. (“I swear, I read it for the articles!”)

That said, is there anything you still subscribe to, and why?
Is there a magazine you recommend, and why?
Any that you particularly dislike?
Also–I picked up an old, old issue of Piecework and loved it–not to make anything in it, but to read and learn. Is it worth a subscription these days? What are the articles like?

I still subscribe to Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits. I love the Vogue patterns despite the tendency toward errors. The attention to details of shaping is wonderful. Interweave does have helpful articles and I like some of their designs too. Of course, Ravelry is unmatched for breadth of patterns and I find it especially good for children’s patterns.

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I haven’t used a Vogue pattern yet, but I noticed they’ve always got a large “errata” section.

The one I couldn’t stand back in the early aughts was Cast On. I thought most of the patterns were a strange combination of dull and bizarre. I see that the magazine has failed now.

I have not read any knitting magazines, but Vogue Knitting is available at Jo-Ann Fabrics usually.