Stopped by my LYS this afternoon to pick up a skein of Lopi - came away with TWO skeins of Lopi and two skeins of THIS

I got the #309 and #301 - now what am I gonna make with them!?!?


has anyone knitted with this yarn yet?

:inlove: :inlove: Beautiful stuff!!! Yum!

I haven’t knitted with that one but I have used Araucania Nature Wool and of all the wools I’ve felted, it was definitely my favorite. :thumbsup:

I’d pick color #309. :heart:

oh i have used the nature wool too. as much as i HATE dealing with winding the hanks and swear to myself that i will NEVER use their stuff again because of it, i love the yarn and the colors so much that i keep coming back to it. love it!

oooh Carol that looks like heaven in a hank! :inlove:

FG - it IS heaven in a hank!

check it out so far - just a simple scarf for moi! :heart:

:inlove: :inlove:

Sweet! and its on sale too. Danger, Danger will Robinson

Oh my!! :inlove:


very very pretty - I have never knitted up a thick/thin kinda yarn, and I’m really enjoying this - I think for the next skein I’ll try something a little more difficult - with open lacey work or something - This one is only a stockingknit stitch with a garter stitch edging!\

I’m also thinking of a hat to go along with it!

OK, in a matter of 3 days… count 'em, 3 days! I have found too much that I need - NEED not want, NEED! I have been exposed to 5 different yarns that I am dying to buy.

I am going to be in (as my daughter would say) “REAL bad trouble!” Seriously, I feel like a Yarn Junkie needing a fix! I have got to stop clicking on these links because I see the one yarn someone is showing off and before you know it, I’m cruising the site and pulling out the plastic!

OK, the UPS guy is cute but it’s winter and he’s not wearing his shorts any more. No more yarn til after Christmas! :shock: Seriously, no more! :— Well… maybe a little bit when we go to Denver for Christmas. I mean, the yarn there might be different than the yarn in Atlanta, right? :figureditout:

Angela, the Yarn Ho/Junkie needing a fix!

heheee, aren’t you glad, though, that you’re not alone!?!?


I really like that yarn, it’s very, very yummilicious :heart:

Have you discovered “Socks that Rock” yet?

My hands are over my ears… “I’m not listening!”

Jeez, you guys are so bad!!!

Let’s see… that was www…


:inlove: STR: Follow the links to knitting yarns, then the STR/Handpainted yarns link. I bought STR in Azure Malachite and Romancing the Stone. :heart:

:thumbsup: gets ready to mug the mail man in a few days :happydance: :XX:

no no no!!!

hehee, I just purchase some more magallenes…hey, check out a detail photo of the thick-thin knitting

sorry mods if this should be in the “whatcha knitting” thread

dang, nicole! I finally just HAD to look! OH NO!!! tooo gorgeous!