Made another KH plug in a place I'd never expect

DH and I have a landscaping/garden center business. I had to drive our small dump truck to the quarry today to pick up a load of gravel. When I went inside the scalehouse to pick up my weigh ticket, I noticed the lady behind the scale counter was crocheting a really pretty rug from strips of T-shirt fabric. I commented on her rug, and she said she had worked in a fabric shop for 9 years, taught sewing, and had a huge fabric stash too. I said I had recently learned how to knit, and she said she had problems knitting because she was left handed. I asked if she had ever tried continental since lefties and crocheters often find it easier, and she had never heard of it, but I recommended KH, and she was really interested and grabbed a piece of paper to write it all down! Lucky her, I bet she has all sorts of free time to crochet and hopefully knit in between trucks coming through! LOL

Sounds like you made a new friend for all of us!!!

Very cool! I totally agree about continental…I have crocheted since I was a kid and continental made much more sense to me than throwing.

Fantastic plug! Knitting conversations can come up in the oddest of places. I hope she visits us!

Same here!

On one of my crochet lists there used to be a lady that said she was paid to crochet 8 hours a day. Her job was running the town dump! Since it serviced only a very tiny community, 99% of her day was spent crocheting. That lady could pump out a large doily in a day or three!