does anyone macrame?

any good websites?

I just typed in “macrame instructions” in Google and got a bunch of hits.

i just learned how to on the weekend :slight_smile: now i need a forum and patterns :wink: but thanks!

Oh okay, you didn’t say at first so I thought you were looking for instruction.

Here’s a few.

yea i know i wasn’t specific

i’m sorry!

thanks again!

I used to do macrame years, and years, and years ago. When my DH and I were expecting our first child, he went on and on about how he was going to teach his son how to drive, play sports, lift weights, etc., etc.,

Imagine his surprise when his daughter arrived instead! So, I asked him what he was going to teach her. He didn’t know, so I taught HIM how to macrame, so he could have something to teach his daughter. He actually made a planter holder out of jute! I was so proud of him.

Turns out, his daughter, and his other daughter who came along 4 years later, are both into sports. They both played volleyball and softball when they were younger, and guess who coached them!

One of my daughters has since learned to knit, and the other one enjoyed beading, but neither one learned from me. They’re both creative and artistic (sounds like a true mom, doesn’t it?). :aww: :aww: