Machine Knitting

Anyone ever try it? Is it worth investing in equipment? I keep thinking how cool they look. How quick it would be to create things. Then I wonder will I hate it?

Never tried it. I’m not sure I’m mechanically inclined enough to work the darn thing-looks like an awful lot of moving parts–I have enough trouble with 2 needles:teehee:, but I too, would love to hear folks’ experiences.

[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=darkorchid]My husband has been looking into machine knitting ever since I began knitting… now he’s looking at the crazy machines that make at least a sweater a day… I don’t think he quite understands that it’s the action of knitting that brings me joy, and not mass production…although it would be nice to not have to make 20 of the same scarf for msc people in life :yay:[/COLOR][/FONT]

[COLOR=#9932cc]I do hope that someone who has or is using a machine to knit would chime in and give us the super scoop!![/COLOR]

There are basically 2 kinds of knitters. 1. Those that knit for the pleasure of the process and 2. Those that knit for the pleasure of the finished item. If you are a process knitter you will probably not enjoy machine knitting.