Machine knitting woes

Hi. I’m new to the site so hope I’m doing this correctly. I’ve got a new silver reed standard gauge machine and need someone to tell me why stitches keep dropping at the end of the rows, or alternatively large loopy bits are formed along the edges. I’ve played around with the yarn arm tension and also the carriage tension and it still keeps happening. Help!

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will offer some advice?

The loopy bits at the beginning of a row of knitting are due too loose of a tension on the yarn tension mast. Try retreading it, making sure you have brought the yarn past the little arm that sticks out at the back of the knob of the tension gauge. For the stitches falling off, try adding one of the weights that you got for the machine. Silver Reed, also known as Studio machines, typically don’t have to have weights while knitting plain stockinette stitch but if your stitches are falling off on just one side or both, placing a weight on one or both ends will usually solve that problem. Be sure to move them up every few rows. I find after about two inches of knitting is a good time to move the weights up. Diana Sullivan of Austin, Texas has some excellent beginner tutorials on You Tube as well as her website.

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That’s great! I’ll try all that. Thankyou for your help

That is correct – it seems that for some reason, you are losing tension at the end of the rows, and that is what is causing you problems. There may be several reasons for this, the tension on the mast being one, and without actually seeing you work, it is hard to tell. Experience helps here, and you will get it – later on – which is not helping you here!

The best advice I can give you is be sure you are following all the directions on the use of the machine precisely. Not only what you think you should do, but what the instructions actually say to you. It would help if you had another person watching you, someone with some experience. There must be another machine knitter near you, but they are so very hard to find! This is almost a secret society, so you will never know them. But if you let people know that you are machine knitting, word will get around, and another machine knitter will find you! Finding another machine knitter is the best resource you can have!! Ask at your LYS, at your library, community centre, everywhere, until you find them. They are around!

Good luck to you!

Thanks for your advice. I’ve been practising and I think I’m getting it!

In addition to making sure the tension is correct and placing weights on the edges I like to ease my yarn up through the carriage before starting a row then I let it slip through my fingers when I push the carriage across, then I make sure I give the last stitch a little tug to make sure it is properly knitted.

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I’ll try that. It’s already a lot better! Thankyou.