Mac and Me Silk Summer Dress

Is anyone familiar with this pattern or knitted it? I am searching for a substition yarn for this pattern instead of 100% silk for my 15 month old daughter which cost $40 per skein(yikes)! I don’t want to compromise the flow of the dress and was told i could use a DK cotton or any non bouncy yarn…Let me know

I’ve never heard of it. Is it from a book? In order to help you we need to know the gauge and/or weight of the yarn suggested. If you have a link that would help, too.

Wait…is this it?

If that is correct then this is the yarn they recommend.

It’s aran/worsted weight yarn that knits up at 4.5 sts over 1 in. Silk is a drapey yarn so to simulate that effect you’ll want to use something that would provide drape. I don’t know enough about different yarns to help, but hopefully this info will give someone else with more knowledge to do so.

Also…here’s the website -

What a lovely little dress, I wish it came bigger. How hard it would be to size up I have a thin tall five year old. I would love to make this for her.

Sorry i should have given more information. that is the dress and i don’t know enough about yarn to determine what i could use a substition nor do i know how to make it bigger…the ladies it my knitting group have done projects without a pattern but based it on their measurements so they suggest whatever size you need it to be (chest) you would take that number and mutiply it by the amount of your gauge so in this case 6 sts. So say you needed the measurements to be 25 inches. 25X 6= 150 sts. and then change the rest of the pattern based on that number of sts. This may work but when I look at the pattern that may not be the case. Does anyone else know this to be true? I am sorry I am no help.:yadda:

I would need a finished chest of 26-27 inches. I know the length would be easier it change buy just adding rows till I got it the right length. Any suggestions would be great.

Or a similar pattern that is for a little girls size 5/6.

I’m sure there are tons of resources on this, but I just started reading Stitch and Bitch Nation by Debbie Stoller and she talks about making patterns your size using math and gauge. It’s something I really want to master just for this occasion! Adorable dress!

Would any of these work
I am pretty sure this would work

thanks for your help and replies…i will start my search.

I have not seen any pattern that is close to this, it is a beautiful dress…i will keep my eyes open for you though!