M1p - increasing between a K and P st

Although I am not a first time knitter - I have only recently started again after a 23 year gap - so I am a little rusty.

For my first project I am knitting a beanie that has a peak.

The start of the pattern for the peak is as follows;

Cast on 3st
R1 (RS) K1 m1p K1 m1p K1 - makes 5 st
R2 (WS) P1 K1 P1 K1 P1
R3 (RS) K1 P1 m1p K1 m1p P1 K1 - makes 7st

I am sure you get the gist of the pattern.

Now, I have looked at all the increasing stitches on this site but none of them show an increase between a K st and a P st as per the pattern above. I have tried a number of combinations of the increase stitches shown but the outcomes are less than satisfactory - my work seems uneven and full of holes. Sometimes the increase stich comes out looking like a K st, or it appears all twisted when doing an even row.

I am not sure which increase to use, for m1p, before and after the central K st.

Any help would be much appreciated?


Look at the Increases section - http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/basic_techniques/increase.php - under M1A/M1T. Do that one only purl into it and don’t forget to twist it.

You will have to forgive me as I am a complete novice. I have watched both videos on M1A and M1T. All that happens is she creates a loop and slides it on to the right needle. I don’t see her purling (or knitting) into it. Also, both of these videos show an increase after k stitches not purl stitches. Does it matter if the stitch preceding the increase stitch is a P? Also, which one should I be using the M1T or M1A?

I’m sorry, I directed you to the wrong one. I meant M1B/M1F and there’s videos for doing it purlwise.

And there lies my dilemma. I am not sure which to use. At the 1st m1p (after a P st) do I M1B purlside or M1F purlside? I am not sure.

At the second m1p, after the central K st, what should I do?
Should I bring the yarn to the front (as you would for a P st after a K st) and then make a M1F purlside or M1B purlside?

Thanks for your patience thus far!

It may not matter if you do the B or F m1 on any of the stitches. Just pick one and use it for all. And yes, k1, bring yarn forward, do the m1, move yarn back for the k1. It will be just like the ribbing that happens on the 2nd row.

I think you can make one however you want, as it is not specified. I think the m1p probably means make one and purl it: so instead of a standard inc where you pick up the bar between and knit it (twisting as you do so), you pick it up, twist it, and purl. I think the p is not saying how you make it: it’s saying purl the one you made instead of knit it.

Last night I tried again. This time using a m1f purlside before and after the central k st. I found that after the central k st trying to pick up the bar in between was difficult as the yarn appeared to be twisted. Once again my work was full of holes. I think I need classes!

Redwitch - I am not sure I understand your advice. How do you pick up a stitch without picking up the central bar? Are you suggesting that I use m1t or m1a and put onto the left needle and then purl?

Sorry: you know how you can do a standard increase by picking up the bar between stitches, twisting it, and knitting it?
I think what would make the most sense here is the same thing, except you purl the picked-up bar instead of knitting it.
So if you think of the normal bar increase as m1 or m1knitwise, this m1p would be make one purlwise. Would that make sense in the context of the pattern, to you?
I mean, pick up the bar: twist it: and purl it.

Well, in the end I used a m1b purlside before and after the central k st. And, it seemed to work…thanks for the advice Redwitch and Sue, talking about it helped a great deal. Now all I have to do is figure out how to sew it all together.