M1L M1R question

Hello everyone! This is my first post, because I desperately need some help! I accidentally used m1l instead of m1r on a side of a sweater. Is this mistake bad enough to undo the 16 rows of work, or will it not be noticeable?
Thank you so much for any help!

If you can’t immediately see it, I’d let it go. I think it would cause more of an issue if it was part of a pattern that specifically relied on left/right leaning increases/decreases.


If you want to correct it you can use the dropping down method to correct this without having to undo any rows at all. It is easy to do:

Do the dropping down slowly until you reach the increase. M1R and M1L are done by twisting the bar between two stitches and knitting into it. Now the twist is in the wrong direction. Undo the increase and pick up the bar. Twist it with a crochet hook counter clockwise for M1R and pull the bar above it through. Now you got a M1R and you can proceed as in the video to work with a crochet hook back up.

Thank you for your help! Unfortunately, it was pretty obvious. :frowning:

Thank you so much for sharing! I tried to do this, but my yarn is so finicky and hard to see. I ended up having to undo all my rows that had increases.

I am really sorry you ended up ripping all the rows because of my advice.

No, I was going to have to rip them out. The drop down method you mentioned was extremely helpful! It was my choice in yarn that prevented me from using it though. And since I couldn’t drop down, I had no other option. But I am pretty proud of myself. I ripped the rows and put them all back on the needle without losing a single one! I was so worried that because the yarn is so difficult, that my stitches were going to be ripped unevenly, making it difficult to get them all back on correctly. I’m well on my way getting back to where I was in my pattern!
So thank you so much for showing me the drop down method! I’ll definitely be using it in the future, because this is the last time I use this type of yarn! :laughing:

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