M1k & m1p

I can do a M1R/M1B, and I can do a M1F/M1L. Now I have a pattern that requires a M1K and M1P.

I understand that I pick up the bar from front to back on both those increase stitches (correct?). But I am stuck as to how to knit through the back loop and purl through the back loop (especially purl).

If it’s too complicated for someone to explain and if there isn’t a video (that would be the best!), can I just substitute another left- and right-leaning increase? Is the M1K right- or left-leaning?

I have only a few rows done on this garment (the pattern was created at a yarn shop in another state), so I can’t see the pattern well enough yet to wing it. I have frogged my first few rows three times as I’ve tried to figure this out. Aargh.

Hope this post isn’t too confusing. Thanks for any help you can provide.

When I do M1 k, I pick up the bar from front to back and knit into the back loop.

When I do M1 p, I pick up the bar from back to front and purl into the front loop.

I don’t know if that’s the absolutely correct way, but it works for me.:shrug:

It can be a bit hard to get into the small loop, but that’s what you have to do. Sometimes I put it in on the big side and bring the needle up and over to the small side.

I think there’s a video in the increase section, look for the purl version. I think the M1L/M1R are paired increases and sometimes you don’t need them to match up, just as long as the stitch is twisted. I’d do the knit by picking up the bar from the front and knit into the back loop and the purl by picking it up from the back and purl into the back loop, though that’s a little awkward. You could also do the purl by picking up from the front and purling into the front loop; it would twist too.

Hello, I just joined the forum today and have the same inquiry about the M1K and M1P as you do. I am curious as to whether the suggestions here did work for you?