I was curious about M1. The how to videos show lifting the bar back to front and knitting thru the front loop. A pattern I have (FT Clogs) says pick up the bar from front to back and knit the back loop. If the pattern doesn’t specify can you do it either way?

I guess it depends on what you need it to look like. When I put the loop onto the needle, I knit into the back of it which will twist the stitch and prevent a hole (this is how I usually do M1). If you are doing lace type of work, you could knit into the front of it and I think that will make a hole in the work. If your pattern comes with a glossary of stitches, then follow what their definition of M1 is.


When a pattern says M1, I always lift from front to back and knit into the back.

What Ingrid said. Plus, these are felted, so no one will really be able to tell in the end. :slight_smile:

If the two increases are on either side of a column of stitches, I Make one in one direction, and then one in the other direction. I use the make one where you make a firm backward loop over the righthand needle, so I make the first twist around my thumb, and the second twist around my left forefinger.