M1 - knit into back of picked up bar?

I am following a pattern that calls for M1. I think I understand how to do this, but why is it so hard to knit through the back of the picked up bar? It’s like I need super pointy needles to knit through the back, but the rest of my stitches aren’t “tight.” Hmmm… Am I missing something? Or is it just a pain to do this?


from what I understand, knitting in the back of a stitch twists it, so I am thinking that it would be extra tight…I am looking forward to hearing what others would say.

I have a pattern saying if you knit in back, there wonn’t be a hole. And if you want a hole, to k in front.+

It can be a little patience trying. Check out Amy’s videos for M1:


Maybe they will give you some ideas on how to make it easier … :thinking:

That’s exactly right. Lucy, maybe you could try using just the very tippy tip of your needle? It’s the twist that makes it wonky to knit… Is that increased/twisted stitch tight to knit when you get to the next row?

I know M1’s can be tricky sometimes. My little trick is to pinch the stitch after you have it on your left needle… pinch it just in the front, so that there’s more slack on the back side, then wiggle that needle into it. Sometimes I can only get the very tip into the stitch. Good luck!

Nope, the next row is totally fine to knit (well, actually purl). I am using Addi circulars and the tips aren’t very pointy. Maybe I could try a different kind of needle. I always get nervous when something seems “forced” like I must be doing it wrong. But I think that it is just the twisted stitch. And even if I was the speediest knitter around, I’d still have to pause and tilt my work towards me to see the back loop as I try to get my right needle in it :slight_smile:

Well it sounds like you’re doing everything right then! It will come easier with time; and at least knitting is something FUN to practice! :thumbsup:

One thing that helps me out with the M1 is after I’ve got the stitch below on the needle, I’ll go ahead and actually grab the thread from the back and hold it out just enough to put the needle through. :thinking: