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[color=blue]Afternoon all from the soggy Northeast. Those of you that have knitted the Lucy Bag, where did you purchase your pattern? I love :heart: this bag and keep coming back to it… :thinking: I think it is calling me lol. Thanks so much!

southern maine [/color]

It was a simple google search.
Lucy Bag

[color=blue]Thank you Jan. I had hoped someone that sponsored this site might have it but no luck. Lionbrand is having difficulties with their links so I will try Blackberry.

Thanks again,

soon to be in Sebago! :cheering: [/color]

Be prepared… everywhere you go people are going to ask you if you made it, how you made it, and exclaim over what a neat design it is. :cheering: I think my Lucy bag has attracted more attention than any other single thing I have ever made. Easy to make, too.

[color=blue]I can’t wait to try it. All of my knitting is packed until we move next week and my hands feel lost at night now lol. Am heading to order the pattern right now! :cheering:

soon to be living in Sebago yay! [/color]

Oh yeah, I bought that pattern before Christmas and I still haven’t made one yet. I have a bunch of knitpicks Sierra that I was wondering what to do with. I can’t remember what yarn weights the Lucy pattern calls for, but I know there were like 3 different sizes, so I bet pretty much any wool would work? Ok, I’ll add one more project to the stack of 4 I have going right now. But hey, that’s an excuse to buy more needles, right? :thinking:

Good luck with the move Stonington!!

[color=blue]JLC–Thanks! We can’t wait to be in our own place. We are down to counting the days now instead of weeks :cheering: It will be a bit of a commute to South Portland every day but for such a beautiful spot I will make the sacrifice lol. Hope you could enjoy the fleeting sun today! Wasn’t it great? :heart: I went to order the Lucy pattern and my computer crashed… hope that is not an omen lol :rollseyes: will try again soon.

soon to be in Sebago yay! :cheering: [/color]

I was actually out on my lunch break while the sun was out. I’m hoping it won’t rain tomorrow afternoon. My son was supposed to have his first T-ball game last night, but it got cancelled. The next game is tomorrow night at 6. He’ll be so disappointed if it’s rained out again.

oh no! not another felted bag pattern that i love! :rofling:

[color=blue] :oops: Sorry, No no I’m not… lol. :cheering: My pile grows and grows but I thought both of my daughters would love :heart: this bag.

soon to be in Sebago ME! yay :cheering: [/color]

[color=blue]whaa hoooo… finally the site is working properly! All ordered… 1-8 days delivery. :thinking: . have to be patient… I’m not very patient lol :oops:

Have a happy day all!

soon to be in Sebago ME yay! :cheering: [/color]