Lucy bag

I have recently completed the Lucy Bag. Everything looked good after the felting. Then I noticed that I have twisted the long strap. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for fixing this?

Thanks ! :frowning:


Personally, I’d cut one side of the strap, untwist it, re-attach it by stitching it with the same yarn, and felt it again to secure the join and hopefully hide the stitches. BUT I’m not positive it would come out perfect…that’s what I’d try though… :smiley:

I feel your pain…my Lucy story

I’d probably do the same as Julie suggested - that or I’d throw it in the corner and stare hard at it with a cross look on my face lol.

As the software designers say, “It is not a bug, it is a feature.”

I’d leave it. :happydance: I’m sure the rest of the bag is beautiful!

Or you could tie a knot at the top of the strap, in which you could hide a twist. Is the strap long enough?

I’d be leery of splicing.

Thanks for everyone’s help.