Lucina Shell

I was knitting this pattern today, and came to these instructions:

K5, k4tog-b, k4tog, k7; rep from *

I tried to knit 4 sts together, and it would NOT happen!:wall:
Plus, what does it mean, k4 tog b?
Thru the back of the sts?:??
does that mean I turn my work around, and knit them together from the back, and then go back around to the front?

How do you knit 4 stitches together, anyways?

This is supposed to make a pattern that looks like shells, or bells.

k4tog? yikes i would break needles trying to do that … i am a tight knitter! i assume it is done the smae way as a k2tog or k3tog.

as for the k4tog [B]b [/B]i would interpret that as a knit 4 stitches together through the back loop (ktbl) although i have never seen this before. normally if you knit a stitch (or stitches!) you insert the right needle into the front loop of the stitch on the left needle. if you are knitting through the back loop you keep your knitting facing the same way but push the needle through the back loop and knit it through there instead.

do you have a link to the pattern, a full set of instructions or a picture would help.

I almost threw my needles across the room, trying to k 4 tog.

No, this pattern is in a book, that I checked out from the library.

It does mean thru the back of the loop. So when you look at your stitches you see two legs to each stitch. A front leg (the one closest to you and the one you probably are most used to) and the back leg ( the one on the other side of the needle and the one probably don’t fool around with to much). When you knit into the back of the stitch you insert your needle into the back leg going from the top down. Or so it feels to me. You sort of feel like you are purling it. When I first started trying to do this I tried to do it by going for the bottom of the stitch and up like you do with knitting but trust me It can’t be done. Anyway, try it and you’ll be able to pull of knitting 4 tog no PROBLEM. The stitch is opened up this way and not twisted so it will be way easier. Try it okay? I’m bad at explaining stuff.

I wonder if you could slip 2 stitches, k2tog, then pass the 2 slipped stitches over the K2tog stitch?

It’s supposed to make a bell shape. Do you think doing that would do it?

AH HA! Here’s a version of the [SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“Teal”]evil [/COLOR][/SIZE]k4tog-b pattern:


Cast on 38 or 47 stitches- depending on the size cloth you desire.
Knit border for 7 rows and start pattern.
Row 1: B4,k2,yo,k8,yo,k1,end with k1, B4. ( right side )
Row 2: B4, k3,p8,k3, B4.
Row 3: B4, k3,yo,k8,yo,k3, B4.
Row 4: B4,k4,p8,k5 end repeat with k4,B4.
Row 5: B4, k4,yo,k8,yo,k5 end repeat with k4,B4,
Row 6: B4, k5, p8,k7 end repeat with k5,B4.
Row 7: B4, k5,* k4tog-tbl,k4tog,k7* end with k5,B4.
Row 8: B4, knit, B4.



You’re on the right track, but you’ve got it backwards.

A k4tog results in a right slanting stitch. If you slip 2 stitches, k2tog and pass those stitches from right to left over that k2tog, your resulting stitch will slant to the left. This will throw your lace pattern out of kilter.

Instead, do the k2tog first, then slip that k2tog back to your left needle. Then use your right needle to slip the following 2 stitches over that k2tog. Then put the k2tog back on your right needle. Because you are passing the stitches from left to right, your resulting stitch will lean to the right just as the pattern requires.

This made sense to me. And, I don’t turn my work, in order to reach it? Just go in to the back 4 sts. and kind of do a purl move?

I’ll give this a try. I need to print out your superb directions, though.
My mind won’t remember all this, after I leave the computer and go to the knitting needles.
Boy, I hope this works. The Lucina shells are pretty, don’t you think so?

Will this work, doing it the way spookaloo said?