Luciano Pavarotti

Farewell, Luciano …

you will be missed so much …

What a talent God gave him.

I loved his music too, he will be greatly missed!

Vale Signor Pavarotti.

I don’t know how many times this man has kept me from going bonkers. I couldn’t understand a word, but something in the timbre of his voice always made all my stress just melt away.

I really liked him. That’s too bad. :frowning:

Such a beatiful gift he had and shared with the world. I don’t claim to know about opera, but there was something about him that just made me feel, well…classy, when I listened to a tune or two I have on a cd somewhere. I cry whenever I listen to Nessun Dorma and Ave Maria… :pout:
I hope when I die, and if I’m lucky enough to go to a good place that I can hear such Heavenly sounds as he sings.:heart:

:sad: Sigh. One of my regrets in life is never getting to hear the man sing live–listened to many recordings but just to hear THAT voice in person would have been heaven.

Please watch and listen as a tribute…but take the tissues:

I used to call the classical radio station in my area and request one of his performances of Nessun Dorma and dedicate it to my (now) DH. What a voice… I will always regret that I was in Paris 2 days before he sang a concert with the other of the 3 tenors … just missed him.