Low cost drop spindel bought on ebay after homemade flopped

I have searched, and searched. So far I have found some on ebay for $15.00 and then $5 shipping.

I have also found how to make your own with a wooden wheel from toy trucks and a dowel.

Have I used all my resources?

I am just starting out and do not want to spend alot for my amusement or whim.

Open to suggestions.

Thank you.

Welcome Joyt!

A used CD mounted to a dowel with a hook on top works very well. It’s a great weight overall and spins extremely well. You can screw in a small hook on top, or carve a notch into the dowel. Dowel should be about pencil thickness, and at least 12". The trickiest thing is mounting the CD to the dowel. I did it once with tape around one small section of the dowel to thicken it to the CD hole’s size, and just wedged the CD onto it. It was functional but a bit clumsy; there’s no doubt more elegant solutions. But that’s one way! CD spindles weren’t my idea, others have used and loved them. They do spin quite well, better than many store-bought ones. And their light weight will make it easier to learn on. I mounted my CD on the top, top-whorl style, but you could do it bottom-whorl if you preferred. I’ve only used top-whorl spindles, so I’m partial.

I’ve also made some from craft-store wheels slipped onto dowels. Those are nice in that they already have the perfect hole size drilled out to fit a standard dowel.

Happy spinning!

It’s also possible to spin with just a stick. A straight stick with about an inch of a branch on one end, that makes a hook. You hook it into the fiber and run the stick along your thight to twist the fiber. Wrap finished fiber below the hook and continue. Great way to start spinning, actually, because you don’t have the problem of the spindle dropping to the floor!

I’ve also seen a primitive drop spindle made with a rock and stick, literally! You use the rock, lashed to a stick, for weight as a drop spindle, and wrap the finished yarn in a figure 8 around the stick. Hard to explain, but very cool when you see it/figure it out. :wink:

Here’s how to make a CD drop spindle. It’s a great way to recylce all those AOL CDs! :cheering:

I made my dowel and wood wheel spindel yesterday and it is a pitiful thing. As soon as it spins one way it reverses and undoes the work. But nothing just works the first time.

I also saw the cd made spindel on a diy show. I guess the weight is a key factor.

I will try again and write with my success story.

Thank you for the instruction and link.


J, are you able to post a picture? I’d like to see, even if it didn’t turn out how you wanted it; I don’t know anything about spindles, but I’d like to try to be useful, anyway.

I found an Ashford top whorl student spindle for $6.25

Here’s the link:

[color=indigo][size=6]Joy Of Hand Spinning - storefront[/size][/color]


Made from a 1/4" dowel and 2 1/2" wooden toy wheel. I should have pre-drilled the hole for the hook. I could not find any drill bit small enough amoung my husband’s tools. So I cracked my first atemp with a bottom whorl.

So the answer was to have a top whorl, which I cracked also. Then I wrapped the cracked area with thread. By now my sad little thing really did not work very well. But I have not given up!

I broke down and just bought a spindel from ebay. I could have bought a low cost $5-8 spindel but I thought that an investment of $20 was wiser. That way the spindel could carry me from beginner to interm. level. Since spinning has been stewing in my brain for two months I think it is something that I will love, like knitting!

That’s beautiful! I think you made a good purchase. :slight_smile:

I started with a drop spindle, but quickly tired of it and bought a spinning wheel. Unfortunately, I still have yet to dedicate much time to it because I’d rather knit than spin at this point. But I have cleaned, carded and spun a good amount of wool in the year or so I’ve had my wheel. I’m currently trying to get the hang of spinning 100% angora, but sadly, I mostly succeed at only making small bits of yarn and a lot of fuzz. Wool is much easier to spin. sigh

Good luck with your drop spindle! :slight_smile:

I will rember to post an image of the first bit of fiber I spin with my drop spindel.

There are several alpaca and lama ranches in my area. One of the alpaca ranches has a web site where they sell imported alpaca products from Peru. http://www.alpacadirect.com/

They also have imported fiber, yarn and products sold downtown at a consignment crafter’s shop. That is where I have picked up some fiber to spin.

My girls are very curious about spinning so when my spindel didn’t work they were as sad as I was.

I think I will be very happy about my spindel I bought and teaching my girls as I learn also.


Well as promised. I have given my first attempt at spinning with my new Zebra Wood Top Whirl Drop Spindel.

I was ready. I used the rasberry colored merino wool wroving I had bought and I spinned some. I guess the old saying “practice make perfect” is correct.

I will have to practice ALOT! I fully intend to spin the rasberry, cream and soft pink merino wroving I bought and knit something really SMASHING with it. Hopefully it will not take a year to learn and knit.

:cheering: Yay Joyt!! Congrats all around!

That roving is SUCH a pretty color. Too bad on the first spindle cracking; you might try taking the hook out and sliding the whorl up to the top edge of the dowel then putting in the hook again. Regardless of the crack, it should hold well, being braced by the whorl.

Anyway, I also LOVE your new spindle! Nice choice!

Don’t toss the other one away though, it’s handy to have 2. :wink:

Thank you so much for the encouragement! I am sure with more and more practice I will get the feel of my spindle. I will have another photo to post when I have something coming out looking like yarn rather than fiber. It sure is more fun trying then it is frustrating.


Joy, congrats on trying the drop spindle. I just took my first class a little over a week ago at a LYS while on vacation in up north Wisconsin. It was a great class. I bought my first drop spindle, an Ashford, and I love it. It is so easy to spin. I am just getting the hang of it as well. I love the thick and thin yarn and I also want to learn to do super thin so I can ply it with other colors. I have a beautiful red, purple, dark blue fiber to spin, a natural oatmeal-type color and a really cool bright green. I am not only a yarn junkie now, I feel I am becoming a fiber junkie as well! :lol: