Lovely Photo of a Cat in a Flower Garden!

I just found this photo online. It’s gorgeous!

I know there are lots of cat lovers in here, so enjoy! :slight_smile:

That kitty looks so relaxed and happy, is there enough room for me there?

edited because of one handed typing cause I gotta eat this ice cream drumstick!

Aaaww! That is just too precious… :heart: What a lucky cat.

Thanks for sharing!! I set it as my backround picture on my monitor.

Too cute. :heart: :heart: :heart:


I did the same! (My hubby is a cat lover too.)

Awwww! That’s so cute! I often use this one as my background…it’s my cat Marshmallow.

And sometimes I use this one.

I love kitties!

If I wasn’t allergic, I would like them too. :pout:

Jan, I’m surprised you get anything done. Don’t you want to watch that cat all day? It’s gorgeous! :heart:

awww that looks just like my little kitten, Simba!! how cute!

:teehee: She’s 15 now so I’m pretty much over watching her ALL day. I LOVE to bury my face in her fur and snuzzle her though. She likes to walk in front of the monitor so I take advantage of that and give her smoochies! :teehee: