Lovely day at the beach

Oswal State Park

Went last weekend and it was bee-yoo-tee-ful. Cold and overcast when we got there turned into a sunny day after about an hour. Got my feet wet, collected rocks, did some knitting, we brought snacks and just sat. It was lovely. Except Elijah kept saying “let’s gooooooooo.” How can you be bored at the beach? That is not my child. We stopped at a view point and took pictures. Hit Tillamook and got ice cream. Aside from the whiny kid, it was a nice day.

Looks great but I’ll never get over rocky beaches. Being a Florida boy I am used to snow white sand beaches.

That really is rocky! Looks pretty though! And kids…they reach a certain age and nothing they do with mom is fun. :teehee:

What a beautiful spot! I’m a Northern California gal so those rocky beaches are what I’m used to. So much fun to explore, and a great place to get some sock knitting done!

Your “whiny kid” reminds me of the family camping trips with my mom, dad, two older sisters, and me. One sister (the middle kid) complained constantly – she was hot, she was cold, her feet hurt, etc. I never could understand why she complained so much . . . but then, my dad carried me most of the way on his shoulders. :teehee:

How beautiful! I would love to visit there one day!

There are lots of places here in Oregon where you have sandy beaches to walk on, toss sticks to your dog, etc.

The fascinating places, at least to me, are the rocky outcrops and caldrons where the sea comes in boiling and roiling. Our favorite restaurant sits over one, a great place for a glass of wine and a good meal to stretch out for a couple of hours.

Good pics,Femmi~ what did your son want to do, go home and play video games? Mine was like that when he was that age.

Looks very pretty there!