Love my LYS!

We have three in town and I just “tested” out the last one yesterday. Bigger selection than the other two places, a lot less pretentious and super friendly and helpful. Now if only I had a yarn allowance, lol. But seriously, I really liked it so if you are ever in the Colorado Springs area, I would definitely go to the Knitter’s Cove. :thumbsup: Oh, they had the Denise Interchangeables for $48, not much difference in price from online for instant gratification!

Off to work on mittens for my bro, thanks to the wonderful LYS lady that helped me find the pattern![/i]

A good LYS is SOOOOOOO important!! YAYYYY for you!

Mine had a 25% off sale on everything. I was pretty good. I did buy one skein of Malabringo to make for the son’s GF. Oh its so scrummy I will have to take pictures of it. The touch. Oh oh oh. I hate to make it and give it away! But it and the booga bag will be a nice Christmas present for her.