LOVE my Kindle!

I have the Kindle with special offers and one of the offers was a humor book for $1. I put in the code and it showed me the books to choose from. I chose one that would have been $8.99, but I got it for $1! Sweet!! :yay:

I actually don’t mind those special offers at all! If you’re considering a Kindle and are hesitating…don’t. You only see the ads/special offers as a screen saver and small one on your home screen. I kind of like looking at them especially when they sometimes get me a cheap book! :yay:

I always thought I’d prefer paper books, but I got a Kindle in the beginning of the summer and have read more in the past few months than I have in years.

I have the one with the ‘ads’, too, and it really doesn’t matter to me if my screen saver has Oil of Olay on it. It saved me money. I haven’t checked out any of their special offers, yet, mainly because I’ll spend too much.

Exactly! I have, too!

I have the one with the ‘ads’, too, and it really doesn’t matter to me if my screen saver has Oil of Olay on it. It saved me money. I haven’t checked out any of their special offers, yet, mainly because I’ll spend too much.

I have spent more on books, but many of the are the daily deals for a 99 cents, etc. I’ve found some new authors that way, too!

reading outside, how do you like that on the ebook…also, night reading…what is a cost of a book…

Reading outside is [B]awesome[/B]. No glare at all. The print is black on white like a regular book. You can also change the font so if the light isn’t optimal you can make the print larger if you like.

The price of books varies and there are many classics that you can get for free. Generally, though, I find the price to download cheaper than the actual book. And so much more portable.

You can also get games for it–word games and the like.

The newer version appears to have a lot more applications–check it out at Amazon.

Outside reading is awesome! You can read in direct sunlight with no problem. At nighttime you need a good light or to use a lighted book cover. I bought one when I bought my Kindle. It protects the kindle and it provides light.

ETA: Forgot to add price info… Books do seem to generally be less than a paperback, but not always. I find I’m getting a lot of my books with the Kindle daily deals (I get them on FB) or the other special pricing for various things like the 100 best books for November, etc. A few of the books are lendable, but not many. I keep track for a friend of mine.

There are many choices. The Kindle touch wasn’t available when I bought mine, but I don’t mind using the page turn on the side of it at all.

I got this one -

With this cover (red!!) -

I’m another Kindle lover :heart: :heart: :heart: !!!

I’ve bookmarked several of the free e-books sites. I’ve just about given up on our local library…there are always 20 or 30+ people with the e-books on hold.

I have an Amazon Visa and my reward points are dedicated to e-books only. I end up reading a lot of current books for free.


The library must have a limit of how many books they can check out. It’s hard to understand because they are electronic for goodness sake! :lol: If you’re a member of Amazon Prime they now have a lending library, too! I haven’t joined yet, but will after the holidays.

I do buy books, but as I said they are very often the 99 cent or special deal books. The books from authors my DH and I both read I don’t buy for kindle…we buy those in paperback so he can read them, too.

I figure I could have a way worse addiction than than books or knitting so I’m good. :lol:

I also like the fact that the books are instantly available. I recently read the series [U]The Game of Thrones[/U]. It was fantastic, btw, and I highly recommend them.

If I had been in a position where I’d finished one of the books and couldn’t run to the book store or library, I would NOT have been happy. As it was, I downloaded the series and read it like one big book.

I did the same thing Ingrid with the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. They were huge, but I was enjoying them so much I went through all 7 over the summer. :teehee:

One thing that I LOVE with Kindle is you can download a sample first. It’s nice to read a little sometimes to see if it’s something you really want to pay for.

I’ve heard of Game of Thrones, but haven’t read it. I’ll check it out.

It’s not the library; it’s the publishers that set those limits. :shrug: One of them (Harper Collins?) actually set a lending limit where libraries had to stop lending books at all after 20 borrows, or something ridiculously low like that.

Found a link:

That’s ridiculous. :hair: I can understand they have to have limits in some ways, but the library? And really we DO pay something for most ebooks and very few are lendable. They probably get less lending at all because who’s going to lend out their ereader?!

I did…(raising hand here!)…once. I loaned mine to my daughter so she could read Sarah’s Key which is not a book one can loan. I figured out how I could send it from my Kindle to her Kindle and in the process offended the Kindle gods. She couldn’t open it because she didn’t have my Kindle address at the time. What she got was a message saying she had received communication from an “unauthorized person”. I sent her my Kindle address, but when I tried to send the book I couldn’t do it a second time. I’m probably on a “She Who Offended the Kindle Gods List” for life!


:teehee: I think other e-readers have the same problem, but I haven’t read up on it too much yet.

Here’s the Kindle info if you need it.

Have you seen this? can get updates on facebook or by e-mail. They may not be the newest books…but, they’re free. AND…if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download them through Amazon onto your PC or smartphone (mine’s on my Android, Verizon Fascinate)

Thanks, I’ll check that out! Most of what I’ve found free are the classics and I’ve read a lot of those over the years. I have Amazon and Amazon Kindle on FB and I’ve gotten a lot of free/low priced books that way, too.

I like Books on the Knob for looking up non-PD kindle freebies.

My daughter bought herself a Kindle for Christmas and loves it! I don’t have the need for one until my iPad 1 dies, which I hope is never (it was too expensive to die early :wink: ). I do have the Kindle app on it, as iBooks, great though it is, is IMO more limited in book selection.

I love my Kindle too, which I received a few months ago as a gift. But I still enjoy buying books and going to the library. Amazon has some authors’ books at .99 or 1.99 but then their next books at a higher price. For those I go to the library to save money -I have an excellent local library that has an online catalog. I’d still rather own a book copy of a knitting book.I have also found some new books through their deal of the day or best seller lists. Basically I just get what’s cheapest, whether it’s a Kindle book or my library!

I want an iPad 2! However, it’ll be awhile. I thought about just getting it for reading, but I do a lot of reading outside in the summer and those screens are not optimal for reading. I have an iPhone so I’m familiar with it. I would love to have it for other uses though like sitting on my couch browsing Ravelry or answering questions here! :wink: