Lotus Blossom Tank

Hi all,

Does anyone have a copy of this pattern from the Interweave Summer 2006 magazine that they will be willing to share with me? I would really be very grateful to whoever can help. You can pm me.

Thank you in advance.


It violates copyright laws to share patterns in this way. However, you might find the issue in your local library and you may make a copy of the pattern from the library copy.


Thank you for bringing to my attention the error of my ways for asking for a copy of the pattern. If there was a source here locally that I could have gotten the pattern from, believe me I would not embarass myself by asking everyone in an open forum if they would mind sharing it (oh, and thanks for not pm-ing me the message… makes me all warm and fuzzy that you chose to do it this way :thumbsup: )

Thanks for setting me straight.


You can buy back issues from Interweave, and I think they ship internationally, but you should probably e-mail customer service first to be sure.

Thanks Kristen. I did try to buy it but they accept paypal payments and because I live in Barbados I can’t do the whole paypal thing. I did contact them to see if I can give them my ccard number over the phone so I’ll see what they say if they contact me tomorrow.

Thanks again!


Sorry if I was out of line; I did consider a PM, then thought others might benefit from knowing about copyrights and that one is allowed to make copies from library items. The subject seems to come up on other boards a lot, and a lot of new knitters aren’t aware of it.


I know that Sue in no way meant to embarass or make you feel badly in any way. Everyone isn’t aware of such things and I’m sure that she was just trying to be helpful.
I have seen a site online before that often has back issues of knitting magazines, I can’t think of the name of it, but I will certainly see if I can find it and I’ll let you know :wink:

I found this site, hope it’s helpful!

Thanks Rebecca, I’ll try that link tonight. :muah:

Maybe its just me, but if someone on here was to ask if anyone had the Calliope shell pattern I wouldn’t think twice about giving them (sure I’d have to hunt down a scanner somewhere to get it done, but I would give it to them) no problem, because I’d be willing to give it irregardless of what it says about copying… it would be between me and the person I send it to (that’s why I asked if anyone would be willing to give it to me). I figure as long as I’m not selling it or passing it off as mine it would be no problem. But that’s just me. Everyone here seems so friendly and such, I’m surprised no one has shared patterns before!

[size=1]Lisa runs and hides from the copyright cops :out: [/size]

If the request is made anywhere than in a public forum, (like in a PM, IM or email) then I have no problem sharing either. As long as it remains private, it’s between the two people, but when it’s made public, it’s beyond the two people.


…ergo my last statement of “you can pm me.” you would never know who has/ would have pm-ed me after I post my request publicly.