Lots of pecans

Just came back from goergia (posted about in general knitting),
anyway my bf dads girlfriend sent me home with bags and bags of
pecans from ther trees down there. Any suggestion on what to use them for would be great. Thanks

Somewhere there has got to be some healthy recipes for pecans, but my first thoughts were pecan pie, pecan sandies, and sugared nuts.

I did an advanced search at www.allrecipes.com for main dish recipes that used pecans and found 98 recipes. A lot of the recipes were breadings/stuffings for meats (including fish), but there were also salads (including ham/chicken salads) and granola and french toast and a chicken pecan quiche and a vegan nut roast and vegetarian stuffed peppers.

Just roast them up with a little bit of butter, some garlic salt, and pepper. Makes a wonderful little snack. I wish I could make some, Pecans around here are pushing $12-$13 a pound, too high for my snacking purposes.

I honey roast them with a little cayenne. I blend them down into pecan butter. I toss them into salads, add them to just about any kind of dessert. You can grind them into “flour” and use it for making cakes or cookies instead of wheat, or to bread your meat. I chop them and use them to crust chicken or fish. I love pecans, and they’re incredibly versatile.

LOVE LOVE [SIZE=6]LOVE [/SIZE][SIZE=2]pecans. I was born in Georgia so I think it was “born into me”. [/SIZE]

Love salted roasted, honey roasted and just PLAIN pecans. I make banana pecan muffins, put them in pancakes, coat chicken in them, make pralines, PECAN PIE, chocolate chip coookies with pecans instead of walnuts, crush them up and sprinkle them in my oatmeal, make trail mix with pecans dried pineapple, M&M’s and other nuts…


Pecan Praline. I added more than double the amount of pecans than the recipe states… otherwise you have way too much praline and not enough pecan. These are very addictive! Great snack and great in salads.

yum! Everything sounds soooo good! On ice cream, salads, encrust some pork tenderloin with a dijon mustard/orange marmalade glaze, (or a cherry glaze, or whatever fruit you like–think jelly! I just make mine up, often with sage)…yummy! Send some my way!:wink: