Lots of knitting yesterday!

I finally started on the Filatura Di Crosa #17 tube top yesterday. For the most part it went smoothly, although there was a bit of :frog: ^%&(! I hate that, but it was just bothering me too much. Progress pics HERE and HERE

Also, some of you knew I was knitting the project while waiting in the hospital. Short story…everything went fine with DH, although we were there from 5am to 5:30pm!!! Full story HERE

I love the cables on this pattern. It’s the first time I have done them and I enjoyed it. Not difficult at all…I don’t think anyone she be “afraid” to try them! I did it in the round too so it was even easier. Now we just have to hope it fits and get the matching shrug done!

That’s very pretty. Unfortunately, if I tried to wear something like that people would call it ‘a belt’ :rofling:

that is cute! i wouldn’t have any where to wear thou.


It does have a shrug that goes with it which I am going to make too. Makes it look much more like a regular sweater.

It’s beautiful.