Lots of FO's

I just wanted to share photos of my latest finished projects. I have a Just Enough Ruffles scarf, and a bunch of dishcloths.

Ohhhhh…I love the dishcloths…especially the last ones! I’ve made those before, and I like them a lot. These cloths hold up really well!

Great job!

Wow, those dishcloths are really cool. And the scarf is really pretty.
Good work.

You mean the garterlac cloths? This is my first time to make them, and I love the pattern. It’s free. :slight_smile:

Nice work!! I have both those style dishcloths in my “queue” - love the look of them. Thats scarf is really pretty too - I don’t normally go for the ruffled scarf look, but that one is nice! :thumbsup:

Omigosh I love them ALL! I can’t wait to try them out. YOU’RE MY HERO!

Not sure if this was directed at me, but yes, those are the ones I meant. It’s a great pattern and so fun to execute!!!

Could someone please direct me to that scarf pattern? It would be perfect for our daughter. I tried searching, but came up empty.

Great Job on all of your projects! Love the colors too!

To CountryNaturals, the pattern for the Just Enough Ruffles scarf is available here.

Thanks. I’ll check it out right now. I could probably improvise, but I need to know how much yarn I’ll need.

Those are beautiful! I love the colors of everything!:thumbsup:

Awesome! :slight_smile:

The ruffle scarf calls for 400 yards of worsted weight yarn, but it only took me a little over 300. If you have 350 yards, you will be fine.

That is indeed good news, cuz I don’t have 400 yds of anything I like in cotton (which is rule for our daughter). I can probably scare up something close to 350, however. Thanks again.

Magnificent work! You really know how to coordinate colors! All of your work is pure perfection!

Love it all, but would like to make a cut down version of the Just Enough Ruffles for my 4 y.o. DGD. She is a self proclaimed Princess who loves to dress in the most feminine clothes imaginable. She did not get that from her mother or me. It would have to be pink.

Every single piece looks perfect~~~~~

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray]ALL really, [B]REALLY[/B] well done[B]![/B]

I love your “brick work”.[/COLOR]

Great job!! Love the cloths and that scarf! I’ve added it to my faves. Thanks!

Wow! You’ve been very busy~everything looks great!! I really need to knit some dishcloths too :stuck_out_tongue:

Where did you get the pattern for the Just enough ruffles scarf? I love it!:heart: