Lots of FOs since I've been gone a while!

My most recent FO on my youngest DD, Knitty’s “Piggle”:

Teeny tiny baby mitts and booties for a friend - just googled and found the free patterns online:

Knitty’s felted pumpkins - I’ve made three sets of these!

And some colorful toddler socks, again on my youngest DD. Free pattern I found online again:

And how could I forget, my penguin sweater - my first attempt at intarsia - on the sweet little girl I knitted it for, my friend’s daughter who loves penguins!

Thanks for looking! :happydance:

Wow, they are all awesome! I love that penguin sweater – so cute. Great work.

Beautiful stuff! Your daughter is adorable. :wink:

WOW great work. The intarsia looks fabulous!!!

They’re all very nice, I especially the penguin sweater!

I love those pumpkins:)

Everything is so cute, great job! Love the Penguins :happydance:

You’ve been making all kinds of great stuff! they are all awesome.

Everything looks great.

Niffty stuff! I love the idea of the Piggle. I’ve bookmarked that for when my DGD gets big enough and has some hair. :slight_smile: Lovely fall colors on the socks. The penquins are really cute. Very nice sweater.

Wow! Everything looks great! Great job!! :slight_smile:

Wonderful work you do and the penguin sweater, now how special is that?? Amazing:woohoo:

Your items are adorable. You did a beautiful job on your daughters sweater, I love the penguins. Great job :woot: :thumbsup:

Wow, everything looks great. I love the penguin sweater especially.

Everything looks wonderful! I especially love the penguin :inlove:

Great job on everything! That hat made my LOL! Love it! And love those felted pumpkins too! Congrats on your first intarsia project - it turned out great!!!

AWWW! I love that penquin sweater too cute!