Lost Two Stitches

I thought I was doing real well until . . . I lost two stitches. I have to have 54 stitches but I only have 52. How do I add two stitiches. I’m the one making a felted bag.

First thing is to figure out where you lost them. With each of the 52 sts on the needle, follow down the rows and see if you can figure out where you lost the 2. If you knit 2 together, depending on the pattern, you might be able to get away with just M 1 st twice. But if you dropped them, you want to go back and pick them up so that they don’t unravel and create a ladder in your fabric (this may be less of a problem since you’re going to felt, but it could very well be noticeable and you don’t want to mess up all that work you’ve done. You can do this with a crochet hook, going row by row, picking up the bar of yarn between 2 sts. If it’s only a couple of rows back, you could rip back to that point and just reknit those couple of rows.

I found them, I picked up two extra ones.

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