Lost needle?

Okay, the other day I was at the kitchen table knitting a hat, I got up to do something, forgot what it was, came back to the table and I only had one needle! I have searched my house and still have not found that needle! What the heck? How can this happen? I was sitting on a wooden kitchen chair, so it couldn’t have slipped down like it does it you are sitting on an upholstered chair, no carpet, I swept the entire floor, looked under the refrigerator and the stove…no needle! Must be that ghost we have living in the house with us I guess… Has this ever happened to anyone else?


This has happens to me but I know who to blame- my cats. They love knitting needles especially dpns- they carry them around like a dog with a bone. I hope you find it soon! That must be really frustrating.

This happens to everybody! It’s the knitting equivalent of losing a sock in the dryer.

I once lost a needle when I was twelve and then I finally found it this past summer (I’m twenty-one now!)

Do you think you took the second needle with you to do whatever you did and then put it down somewhere?

Good luck!

I do have cats! They have never taken a needle before, but I suppose there is always a first time!!

Cats, children, husbands, SO really are the same when it comes to taking needles. If for ‘bones’ or just to tease it comes out the same. ONE NEEDLE! I would look to the two footed kind too, if you have any around. Or like Rebecca said, like in my case, did you take it with you? Or further in my case, did you put it in your hair! ahahahhahahh Ok I admited a lot there. Yes I put my needles in my hair; it’s long hair and is pulled up much of the time, so the needles fit nicely just like they do in a ball of yarn. But they can fall out, and presto lost needle!


ps I hope it’s the cats, they’re stash should be easy to find.

This happens to me more often than I care to admit. Sadly, I usually locate them sticking out of my pony tail after I’ve had a lenghty conversation with my neighbor. During which, they looked at me quite puzzled, but didn’t say anything about it. Sigh.

I kept losing stitch markers, and needle stoppers, It was driving me crazy. Well, i did my fall cleaning, I prefer it to spring cleaning, and fall is my favorite time of year. There, under my bed, where there was a dust bunny or 2, lol my cat had hidden all “her finds”. I found stuff I had no idea i was missing.

Cats are wonderful animals, but curious and at times they can be very sneaky!

Have you checked behind your ear?


Gremlins, I blame the gremlins. :shifty:


You think cats are theives? Try having a ferrret!

Oh no. I do this all the time, but the shame. Last week, i stood up did something then was like ermm where has that 8mm needle gone. Fairly big cant be missed. Did some searching sat back down. It was in my left hand. It was though i could not feel my left hand weird weird weird weird, and a bit scary. I knit on my soFa bed and when i fold the guest bed out there is always a needle to be found.

Cats and Ferrets ain’t got nothing on kids–they move their stashes.

That Knitting Guy :guyknitting: is a hoot:rofl: :rofl: look behind your ear:roflhard: .

So was it there?

I search all my kitty’s hiding places. She prefers my needles any and all to yarn. She has absconded with my needles so many times that now I check her “corners” first, lol.

But I have wandered away from my knitting and taken a needle with me sometimes too, and set it down. The hardest to find was the one I took to check on the laundry, for it rolled I think and fell off the washer or dryer and landed between them. I don’t even recall putting it there, but I must have.

stop looking for it and you’ll find it :slight_smile:

my cats are usually the culprits for missing needles and yarn…

or my 7 year old is the one swiping them!

Did you check the refrigerator?

One time, I absentmindedly put a can of hairspray in there. :teehee:

Think cats are bad? try having your 3 year-old nephew in your room. I came home for thanksgiving to find that he had unwound at least 6 balls of yarn across my bed

I’ve never lost needles, but I misplace patterns all the time. Usually right before I need to check to do something complicated that I haven’t done before and I’m not at my computer to print a new copy or I forgot to make a copy in the first place. Of course, if I lived somewhere larger, I’d probably lose needles too. I have lost tapestry needles in my keyboard, which is my general purpose holder of anything I need readily available. I also lost a crochet hook because a roomie’s friend moved my keyboard so he’d have somewhere to set his beer. My computer is at the end of a sofa and I leave my keyboard on the sofa’s arm, so you have an idea why he’d want to move my keyboard for beer space.

check all your pockets.
I “locked my keys in the car” once in the snow and had to catch a ride home to get a different set of keys… got back and discovered that I had another pocket.
Also check your mouth… that’s where I put things I’m going to need to find, and I don’t always remember that they are there (ie, WHERE did I put my toothbrush? scratches head It has to be around here somewhere, I haven’t moved since I got it out. *catches reflection in mirror… sheepishly resumes brushing).
Socks are another favorite of mine for needle holding. (My hair isn’t long enough to stick needles in)
I don’t usually lose knitting needles, fortunately…

I went on a rollercoaster with my dad about 7 years ago and my dad insisted on wearing his v. ugly (but v. expensive) sunglasses on the ride. We got off the ride and he started frantically patting his pockets and looking around. He then demanded that we go back to the rollercoaster to “get something.” I asked him what he was looking for and he said he was missing his sunglasses. I looked at him and asked, “You brought two pair?” to which he looked a little confused and said, “What do you mean.” “Well dad, the only pair of sunglasses of yours that I know of are currently resting on your nose”

I haven’t let him live that one down