Lost my marker, help!

my point protector popped off and with it, my EOR marker, but i didn’t realize it until i was working on the same round for 20 minutes and said to myself, where the bleep is my marker?!

the pattern is here Satchel but in essence, you work 13 rows of stockinette stitch across 52 stitches. At the end of the 13th row, which is a K row, you do not turn, pick up and K 12 stitches across edge, then 52 along the CO edge, then 12 along the other side, which brings you to the opposite end of the K row last completed, starting in the round. So, the beginning of my round, then, will be the first NOT picked up column but on which side? through drawing myself diagrams, i am coming up with the corner diagonal from the CO tail. (Since I used the long-tail cast-on, I started with a P row, so when starting K rows, the CO tail would be to my left. That means when I finished picking up stitches all the way around and starting K in the round, the tail would have been at the bottom left corner and I would have started the round at the top right?) I am so lost here. I can’t count the V’s around because of the picking up… unless i could count the V’s on the opposite sides of the not picked up rows? Someone please help me!

I’m not sure I understand why it matters at this point. :thinking:

i want the bag to be even and i don’t know where to stop. the flap is worked by doing an I-cord bind off on all but the back 52 stitches. i don’t know where my round starts or stops…

Since you know that it’s either at the tail or the opposite side from the tail, look carefully at the stitches along those lines. There is a difference in stitches at the start of the round, since you’re knitting in a spiral, in reality. If you’re using the stripes, then you’ll see a jog there. If you’re knitting plain, you can inspect the stitches and see where there’s a little extra gap-type spot at the beginning of the round. Hope this helps.

i looked for the different looking stitch before and after i posted, and i just can’t find it. :frowning: i was away from this bag for a long time so it’s looking pretty foreign to me altogether. However, your post got me thinking. As long as I made sure that I left either the “front” 52 or “back” 52 stitches to continue on in the flap, I don’t think it will matter after all since all sides are pretty much the same, except for the little pick-up ridge that will disappear with felting anyway. I think I’m good! Thanks so much for your help, once again! :slight_smile:

I’m glad you worked it out. :thumbsup: